Clay is my favorite sculpture medium. I prefer oil based "modeling" clay which is usually used for making maquettes and original pieces that would be cast in some more durable material. Because of my comfort with ephemera and the convenience of clay without water, I seldom have the luxury of working in ceramics which requires a kiln and glazing.

To beautify an ordinary brick fireplace, I sculpted 116 ceramic tiles in 4 inch squares in high relief, depicting the client's favorite plants and animals. Clay and glaze technologies (including the chemistry, firing temperatures, shrinkage and durability factors) make ceramic work complicated but very gratifying and produce durable results that can last for centuries.

The ceramic frieze for a nature preserve on Long Island, NY consists of 280 sculpted tiles in low relief and represent the indigenous animals of the region. This piece was originally intended for the exterior architecture but will now be installed inside the building.


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