In 1999, through the generosity of an anonymous patron, a personal dream was realized in the Riverside Park playground where my three children grew up. I first presented a maquette of a sculpted sand pit to the committee which eventually approved this daring and unique piece. The 35 ft. X 17 ft. concrete sand pit took 9 months to build with a team of a dozen helpers. Inspired by real sand sculptures, the concrete is colored and textured to look like the sand it contains. Many of the features like the secret caves and faces on the inner walls are hidden by the sand until uncovered by curious diggers. The alphabet which surrounds the piece, and the numerals which are carved into the buried steps provide tactile and visual familiarity with those basic symbols. For me, there is great satisfaction knowing that children are playing in my sculpture and learning all the wonderful things that sand can teach. It has become one of the most popular sites on the Upper West Side.

I have since been commission to build many large sculptures including a giant concrete serpent threatening a turtle and her three spray shower hatchlings in Marine Park, in Brooklyn. The work also involved painting optical illusions of "submerged" segments of the serpent. In another Brooklyn park, my team created and painted a 400 sq. ft. tortoise in concrete.

I have now built and installed sculpture in various materials in six different NYC playgrounds including Central Park, Riverside Park, Marine Park and McCarren Park in Brooklyn, Lindsey Park in lower Manhattan and others as well as in Rockefeller Center's gardens and other private gardens.

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