Ephemeral sculptures by G. Augustine Lynas

St. Martin's Press, 11" X 8 1/2", 112 pages, Paperbound

$11.00 + shipping / handling

Using a shovel, a Frisbee, and whatever natural tools the ocean provides, Lynas creates finely carved and often enormous sand sculptures in dynamic interaction with nature. Each piece is gradually altered and eventually reclaimed by the recycling tide.
Lynas' special talent was documented in a film, Sandsong, which was awarded the Blue Ribbon at the 1981 American Film Festival and has since earned numerous prestigious honors and has been seen by millions on television all over ther world.
This book, designed and photographed by the artist, preserves many of his sculptures in 109 images, 22 in full color. It is a vibrant record of a performance art that has captivated live audiences and will enchant
readers for years to come.

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