Other Sculpture Material

The 11 cedar totems were part of a larger commission for a playground in Brooklyn. The represent a tribal tradition among the Lenape Indians of that region. I decorated the capitals of the columns of my apartment building with sculptures of famous people, endangered animals and grotesques of my own invention. I used modeling clay which deteriorates from harsh weather and eventually erodes over years. As I replace them it becomes a public performance. Many people are fascinated by watching artists at work.

The pounded copper weather vane is atop the carousel in Central Park. The Boy With Book was a classroom demonstration piece made from self-hardening terra-cotta with a metallic patina. A plaster portrait of a neighbor (or of Einstein) require an additional criterion; it should look like the subject. The Pool Man sculpture is a large, three-dimensional interpretation of a client's cartoon logo.

In another, smaller scale, I often make small sculptures for friends and relatives like the devil (who has moving eyes and tongue) or small invented figures. Sometimes sculpt headless drying stands for heads carved from potatoes, avocado pits, apples or practically any food that dehydrates over time. This adds metamorphosis to the life of the piece and produces entertaining and unpredictable results.

A complex series of clay pieces promoting National Geographic Channel's program Mega Structures required a different ingredient... mega research of the largest structures in the world.



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